Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

Alright!! This Saturday things will go back to normal, and I will be posting regularly on Saturday!
So crazy week guys! Went to Moore, Oklahoma to help with disaster relief, met some awesome people and helped a lot of people. The whole experience was seriously mind blowing, physically and mentally tiring, but I enjoyed the experience very much. The work was hard at first, but became easier as days went on. Worship time at the end of the day was amazing, and I was able to be apart of the worship team one night. Also, my sister taught one night! Got close to the people I worked with and had a great time getting to know people, and making new friends.
Monday we went to do the Incline! Jake, Sam, Jayson, Mandee, Mom, and I did it, we all made it to the top too! Made it to the top in 56 min. which is my new record!
Then today went on a hike up to pulpit rock, the view was amazing!

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