Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7th - Why Am I Posting On A Friday? - Going On A Missions Trip!

Heyy Everyone!! So you may be saying to yourself...Marissa, it's Friday, you're supposed to post every Saturday.... Well here is my explanation for not being able to post tomorrow! I am leaving tomorrow to go on a missions trip to Moore, OK where I will be helping the people affected by the damage caused by the tornados. Honestly, I am a little nervous about the whole trip but excited at the same time. This is my first missions trip! So when I get back I will have a lot to say about the trip and hopefully some pictures to show you.
Anyways this week was an eventful week! Starting with Monday, me and some friends did the Incline! That was so much fun and exhausting....but mostly exhausting. Also on Monday my dog Coconut decided to chew up my top retainer! How wonderful. So I made an appointment and got my new retainer yesterday, and I am paying for it. My orthodontist is....AMAZING and made me a deal of only paying $75 for the new retainer and bringing in some cookies!! I love my orthodontist so much. Monday was the first day of our Internship at Sunrise Church, and that was a lot of fun as well!
On Tuesday I met up with Jake (a friend I made in the Internship/Mission Trip Group) and we played guitar together. That was a lot of fun! Also I got fitted for my new retainer this day.
On Wednesday was the second day of the Internship. We had our bible studies and were put in our break out groups of our choice (my choices were Worship and Video). Worship is by far my favorite right now, one of our assignments is to write a song, and I am really looking forward to that, I am also looking forward to the voice instruction.
Yesterday we went to the mall! I tried on those heels with no heel and got a new amazing straightner! I've been saving up for one for a while, and so I finally made my purchase.
Here are some pictures from the week:

 Trevor, Me, Evan, Mandee, and Kalynn

Well, I'm off to go get some frozen yogurt and finish packing for the trip!
Byeeeeeeeeeee <3 Rissa

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